D50 III version V1.30 firmware update

June 24, 2024
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This firmware is intended for use with D50 III only and is not compatible with other models. Flashing this firmware onto a different model will render the product inoperable and irreparable. If your firmware version is already V1.30, there is no need for this upgrade. The firmware version can be checked using the tools provided in this compressed package.

To upgrade the firmware, the product must be set to DFU mode: Power on while holding down the button on the left side of the front panel to enter DFU mode.

Important Note: For D50 III product users with serial numbers starting with 2310, 2403, or 2405 and firmware version V1.28 or earlier, please make sure to upgrade to V1.28 before upgrading to V1.30. Directly upgrading to V1.30 might cause UAC1.0 to fail to start.

To locate the product serial number:

The product serial number is the set of numbers below the QR code on the side of the product.
The last line of the barcode on the side of the product's packaging contains the product serial number.

Firmware and tools for Windows: Download here (This update requires a Windows 10 or higher OS with V4.82 or higher drivers installed.  Drivers could be download here).

Firmware and tools for MAC: Download here

If you have any doubts about the upgrade, please contact us for technical support before proceeding with the firmware upgrade.